Dec 8, 2010
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Hi guys, im fairly new to this game so can someone explain why fm2011 doesnt include facepacks of all clubs, and club logos? im managing man utd in prem division and the lower divisions have their real clug logos, but no one in the premship does, do they not come included? must i download them?

If its yes to download, i searched it up and i must extract images to a graphics folder in mydocuments/sports interactive/fm2011/graphics/logos etc but i dont even have that folder, if i create one and start fm2011 it doesnt recognise them. can someone help? :'(

I just want all players to have their real faces, and all clubs to have their real logos = so it makes me feel like im playing a real footy manager game!! :mad:

ty for the help
It's a licensing issue.

Yes create the graphics folder, and then extract them there, if you follow the instructions correctly then they will work.

You must untick skin cache and tick always reload skin on confirm in the preferences menu for them to appear.
The reason why they don't have the graphics for the premiership teams is because sports interactive don't have the rights for them. To use the graphics you have to create the graphics folders. Have you extracted the graphics properly? And you have to untick skin cache and tick always reload skin in preferences so they appear in the game
THANKS GUYS !!!! I just needed to untick and tick the other thing, woooooooooo!!!!!! :)