Faces/British League (and a message for Jake)


Sep 28, 2009
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You asked me a question but unfortunately the thread you asked it in has been closed for posting. You question was as follows:

"are you aware that you've posted in a thread from nearly 2 years ago?"

Yes, indeed. The thread was created in February 2009.

Are you aware that FM 2009 was released over two years ago?

Luckily for me, and thanks to Google etc, the Internet is actually timeless. It doesn't go away, expire or pass any sell-by date. Dates are largely meaningless, especially concerning a game which is still played, I assume, by a plethora of people who haven't bought the newer versions. In fact, this website supports that very quirk by the fact that it presents forums for "Older Versions" of FM.

I've never understood the need to 'close' old threads, simply because they are just that: old. Perhaps back in the very early days of the Internet, before WWW and a wealth of graphics and adverts, as there was a limit to storage space. But not in the 21st century (Happy Nude Rear by the way! :) ).

I have started making cut out faces for players in the lower leagues. The vast majority are of the best quality. Although I have concentrated on Northern Irish teams, I have already done dozens of lower league English, Scottish and Welsh player faces. So far I've done about 200 that are either missing from the megapack I found online (contains more than 70,000 player faces), or were of pretty poor quality.

I've also created a league system for the whole of the UK, which is interesting to play (and a lot more fun than the Irish League on its own). Included are teams from all divisions and leagues from English, Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh football.

I placed both Celtic and Rangers into the premier league and, after three seasons, they both remain there. St Mirren, Hearts, Motherwell, Hibs, Dundee United and Aberdeen are all in Championship 1.

So far I've only managed to get Glentoran from the Irish League to Championship 2, though the Glens started heavily in debt. Of the computer-controlled Irish League teams, only Linfield managed to get into the equivalent of the Blue Square Premier and Ballymena, Cliftonville and Distillery are in the equivalent of the BSN and Portadown and Newry in the BSS.

No Welsh teams are left. Llanelli were relegated from the BSN after the first season, and TNS were just relegated also, after three seasons.
Why didn't you just message him if this was so important to you?
I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone, Andy! What is this, the Spanish Inquisition? lol