Facilities won't upgrade


Jan 20, 2013
I asked my board to improve training and youth facilities in 2035 on my save and initially they were supposed to be completed on the 13/10/2036, however every time I get to around August (not sure if there is a specific date where it happens) the completion date gets put back exactly a year to the point where I'm now in August 2038 and they've been pushed back to 2039. All of this without a message in my inbox mentioning any delay or the board deciding to improve facilities themselves and that being a reason to push back the date as I've seen that happen before.

Here's a screenshot:

View attachment 1153508

Does anyone know how to fix this? Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Just realised I've posted in the FM17 section so I'll repost it in 2018, not sure if I can delete it or move it or anything

Edit 2: I posted twice in the wrong section somehow, a little embarrassed by my stupidity right now
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