Fake German national team back again


Oct 18, 2010
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Hi. Before i started a new game on fm i deleted the files in the 'all' folder to get the proper german team. After the 2nd patch was released i installed that and german team was normal.

Recently i upgraded to windows 7 and backed up my save game. Now when i reinstalled fm11 and placed my loaded my save game,the fake german team are back.

Note i did not delete the 'all' files after reinstalling fm11 thinking it would not affect my save game. Any help to get german team back?
Wait how did you get it to be removed and get the proper one? And I think you should do the same as you did before..
i deleted the files in the all folder before starting the game. But i have done it now and its not effecting save game.

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anybody got any other suggestions?
I think it takes until the next squad selection before it goes back to the real germany team
I think the folder which contained the deleted files needs to be updated to reflect whatever patch you're on.

I have the problem, done everything but any new game still has the fake team.