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Jul 18, 2013
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I'm busy making a famous people database.
The database will include a new country with 3 leagues
Each league will have 18 teams with each 20 players, 1 coach , 1 assistent , 4 trainers , 2 youth trainers , 3 scouts and 3 fysio's
All teams have got a theme like actors, tennis players of singers. Also will there be attention for legends in all sort of areas like Olympic legends or tennis legends

I still need help thinking of names for all the teams or players
When you've got an idea for a team or a player please let me know and I will add it in the database

Here two teams who are already created

Athletics & Motorsports

For the original thread ( in Dutch) Click
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It is a lot of work to make all the teams and players and I am now busy thinking of teams and adding the players. I hope I can start using the editor next thursday and then I'll know better how long it is going to take me.
A team of actrs who always play mobsters (need a better name obviously lol(

Robert de niro. Joe pesci. Andy garcia. James gandolfini. Marlon brando. Ray liotta. You get the idea
That is a good idea and it gave some more ideas.

I decided to make the teams a bit like american teams first the name of city and then an other word
E.G. Washington Nationals

Edit: I decided to change the amount of teams. Because I can't think of any more teams
First & second division will contain 20 teams
Third will contain 10 teams which you'll face 4 times
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Very Nice idea. couldwork quite well for something different
I'm currently facing some problems with the editor but am busy trying to fix it.

Edit; At this moment I might not be able to make it. I Will keep trying to fix it but At this moment it is not looking good
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