Fantasy - Andromeda League 2017/2018 TBA

Oct 23, 2017
Welcome to the fantasy league of Andromeda!

This is a custom database, with fictional players in fictional teams creating a whole new country with 2 leagues for you to play in!

Why should I play this?
A new horizon.
The Andromeda League adds a whole new "realm" of football bringing to you two whole new divisions with new players for you to explore and dominate in order to increase your managers hall of fame.

What is the competition reality?
RRS - Rich, rough and supreme.
The best division in the world! With above world class players increasing the level of world football quality, and constantly requiring your best as manager season after season to keep on top. A completely invested country with top teams being the richest in the world, allow you to constantly season after season be able to bring the best and your favourite players to your team.

What else is there in it?
A world of its own!
Push yourself to the limit as manager by putting yourself in an unknown reality which you must explore. The richest and greatest country in the world requires itself to live on, you can only play with Andromedian players. Take the best out of your ability to identify qualities and create charateristics in order to bring the best out of these players in accordance to your game plans.

It sounds fun? Where do I start?
Andromeda League is a two person project and it has been so for long. Constant developing in what started in early 2016 as a long term project, the Andromeda world is finally starting to see the light of day as the release of this project is almost here! But there's still a lot to do. In order to make history you must have history, details such as Players History, alongside fantasy managers, and some youngsters are still missing in order to make the database complete. Also some little details are still ment to be corrected. If everything goes as planned the database will be realized before 10/11

But wait there's more!
I wanna live there!
Want to be part of the andromedian world? You will be able to, as there are still players and staff to create, we are not just open to your participation as we actually want you to play a role in this database! By sending the info you want to create your player (being required name, age, position, style of play and also adding a few other things you can add in yourselves) we will gladly make you part of our little world

Here's a few screenshots of the work in progress

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Out of this universe,
A new world is on the horizon