Feb 4, 2011
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Okay, I’m sure these threads pop up all the time, but I would appreciate it so much if somebody could help me out. Basically, I used the editor to create my own database, basically all I done was remove the top four tiers of English football and replaced them with my own leagues. Created my own set of Nation Rules to go along with this as well. The game plays fine until I hit around March to April (there isn’t really a specific date it just seems to crash between these months). When the game crashes I get an error message telling me something about a crash dump. I’m pretty sure that the cause of this is some bad editing on my part, and when booting up the game I noticed that there seems to be a problem with the Turkish league and I’m not sure if this is somehow affecting my game as a whole.


Any help would be hugely appreciated as I put a **** of a lot of time into creating this database and would be devastated if I can’t even use it.
Well what have you done to Turkey?

It wouldn't have that error symbol unless you changed something in Turkey.
I didn't touch the Turkish League, the only leagues I played around with where the English and Scottish leagues. Here's what comes up when I hover the mouse over the little caution sign.

Make sure you've only got the one db selected, Start new game and it will tell you how many their is selected if 2 or more tick change box
Open the editor back up and have a look, but it looks like you've somehow deleted all the teams in Turkey.

Also see above, i forgot about multiple databases clashing.
Had a look, all the teams in Turkey are there. Only got one database loaded up as well. I deleted the Scottish league because the database I created is for a British League, therefore wouldn't make much sense having a Scottish or English league alongside it. I don't suppose this could be the cause of the problem? Found this in the editor, which is what made me think deleting the Scottish league could possibly be the problem.


Strange thing is thats basically the same message that showed up in the above printscreen for the little caution sign for the Turkish league.