Favorite obscure nation to scout regens?


May 27, 2009
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What is your favorite obscure nation for picking up good regens?

My usuals are ghana, nigeria, cameroon, and ivory coast. Israel isn't shabby either.

However the most obscure have been Costa Rica and Hondorus. You can occasionally find a real gem from the Caribbean/central america with no Euro interest (maybe some MLS development league teams)

So as I asked before, what is your favorite hidden gold mine?
The Latin American nations are a goldmine for new talent, and I generally load up Africa too :)
i wouldn't consider mexico obscure, Peru is a bit, but i consider most of south america common recruiting ground.

I never got into scouting china, a lot of teams and players, but im afraid they won't fit in
Cyprus got me two absolute gems. :)
Got a belter of a regen striker from Tunisia. I scout most decent African teams as well.

Also found some reasonable lower league regens from El Salvador when I was an Icelandic team.
Most exotic place I've found a wonderkid regen was Australia. Beast of a winger, from FM10 though
I haven't found any in the most obscure places but I found some beauties in Denmark. Two brilliant strikers, quick and great finishers and even better than Leigh Griffiths and one potential better than Rooney.
ghana! got a player from there touted as the next michael essien. An absolute animal, just like essien :p
Holland, Serbia and Argentina but less obvious Egypt and Morocco