Aug 4, 2014
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Just curious but who are guys that you seem to always end up buying. Not necessarily wonderkids but maybe guys that you just love and buy every chance you get. My guys that I always end up with are Federico DiMarco and Nikola Milenkovic. I've now used them both in 3+ saves on FM22 and they never let me down. Who are yours?
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Ciro Immobile for my old SS Lazio save, 50+ goals in more than one season says it all.
I use a small team, EFL Championship, Sunderland. My favourite plyr is Ross Stewart, he is not that famous and all like Immobile or Traore, but he really helped his team to score. 30 goals in the last season. Not great, but good for a kid like him.
My favourite team is Liverpool but my favourite player of alll time is Ronaldo I really like that.
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Thiago Almada my all time favourite fm player. Not got the new one yet but interested to see what the hype is about endrick and how much he typically goes for if anyones had the chance to use him yet.