Dec 20, 2010
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What is your favourite thing about this game?
What makes you keep playing?
Lower League Management is the best part of Football Manager. It's just the challenge of getting a **** team and making them good :)
Getting the chance to own chelsea and man city with a smaller club and I like how realistic the game is getting in terms of players :)
The overall sense of achievement when winning a league or cup title. Transfers are probably the most interesting element for me especially when they introduced the agent discussions and private chats this year.
having the freedom to do what you want with the world of football :) losing and having no money, or being loaded and buying amazing players, from rubbish teams to good teams, to using the data editor ;) you can play it how you want.

its fun basically.
I do love a bit of summer shopping, and going crazy when you man city :) oh, and the feeling when you finally manager to buy messi or someone after weeks of hagling to get the price below like £200m.
But the best thing has to be when you buy a youngster for like 500k (or homegrown talent...), and a few seasons later he breaks through into the first team. I always have a slight tear in my eye on his first game...and when he scores...ah man, nothing beats it.
All the young welsh talent to develop, Wales have so many talanted players coming through its very very promising!
When your team are doing poo IRL, then you go on FM and pwn everyone :)
Scouting the regens that are not only ten years younger than your star player in that position, but better too.