Sep 10, 2010
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whether its a fifty yard screamer, a well placed finish or a beautiful dribble pass the keeper. football is all about goals, so what are you're favourite type of goal.

i personally prefer an audacious lob close range or from outside the penalty area. every time i see my players do that, i get an incredible kick :D
any goal that it is scored in the last minute to win a game!!!!!!
thats a good feeling!!!
mine is 15 meter lobs like cantona's famous goal.....absolutely love it
Have to say i am also a big fan of the lob. Leigh Griffiths scored a peach of one from 30 yards out against Feyenoord for me in the Europa League. Bit gutted it was not in the league cause a definite goal of the season winner
When I score from a corner aimed at the far post.
After a great teamwork, or a goal from a long range - these are my favourites :)
Long shots. I love long shot goals. Thats why i always sign DM's with high long shot capabilities :D
After my strikers have missed about 20 1 on 1s in the match then finally score one near the end of the game to get the 1-0 win.
Long curving shots.. especially during DFK
Goals scored by anyone in a Newcastle United shirt.
Coming back from 2-0 down to get that 3rd goal to lead 3-2. Always amazing feeling, whether it's in FM or in "real" life (I'm not sure I can tell the difference between the two any more) against Blackpool in midweek.
Killer ball through the defence so that the striker can run onto it and shoot it hard into one of the corners. Or a DFK that curls past the wall and into the net.
I just love the full team play goal with awesome passes that demolishes a defense.
I just love goals where my wingers dribble past a full back (preferrably past more players though :D), whipping in a beautifull cross, followed by my striker or AMC just barely getting their foot against the ball, making a goal through the goalie's legs or against the far post. I love em!
Own goals!

Also it usually make the player that scored it have a worse average rating on FM, bonus!