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Nov 4, 2012
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Hey, I'm playing with FC Bayern in season 2021/22 (I know it's wrong in the title), after long runs with Tromsø (Norway), Vitesse (Holland), and a short run with Atletico Madrid (Spain). I succeeded with every single one of them, but now I've played half a season with FC Bayern and I'm not happy with how my players are doing. I think it's because of the new patch. The problem is that my team wins one match, and then seem to struggle the next one.

This is how I want to play:
Willian - Kirchhoff - Badstuber - Hiltinho
Müller - Kroos - Holtby - Alba (I'm going to buy a new player in January)
Cianciulli - Ntombela

Earlier I've been playing with everything set to balanced. (Mostly in a 4231-formation.) Through the game I've been changing between control, counter etc. baced on the ball possesion I got, but, as I writed earlier, this tactic isn't working anymore.

I want to play 442 when I'm playing against much weaker opposition, and maybe a 4231/451 counter when I want to be a little more defensive and try to counter the opposition apart. I really would appreciate it if somebody could give me some advices about this!
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