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Nov 18, 2008
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Hello all big follower of the forum but a quiet one never express my opps or views as normally get slated on other forums..

I may be doing My LLM wrong but im posting and a mod can get rid if wrong..

I Started my FM11 Carear on the day of release at my Team Crewe Alex in L2 i was asked to leave in March so not even a full season then moved to Altrincham for the following season and left in April due to bad results and certain Relegation, Im now in the BSN with FC Halifax who have just won promotion so looking to change the way i go about my games..

In FM10 i started at Stafford and had 4 good seasons missing out on promotion 3 times then FM11 come out..

But what i want to ask is i need help!! I have a wage budget of jsut 2.3k and no back room staff just a team full of re-gen players.. Help who in the 3rd season is best to look for wage wise im looking at £75-£90 tops, also need some Staff Pos an AssMan, Coach 7 Physio but cheap again who can you recomend..

Any Help will be greatfull...