Apr 17, 2012
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Well I don't think we did too bad in pre-season we did pretty well to get 2 goals past crystal palace and only lose by one goal to Hibernian, whos in the scottish premier league, and we won our final friendly to give us a morale boost for the 1st league game!

Transfers so far
I havn't sold many people as of yet, as FC Halifax have a pretty small squad already, im looking at buying some young free transfers who have decent potential!

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Picked this kid up on a free, only 19 years of age and has got some pretty decent stats, i can see him becoming good.

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The only other transfer i actually made in July and he looks pretty decent, probably won't start all the games, he's more off a backup but im sure next season he will be something.

View attachment 370739 The only person i've sold so far as he was getting old, and i picked up a young keeper who had similar stats.

In august im going to aim to sign a lot more younger players, and maybe a couple older ones like 26-28 to add a bit of experience to the squad!

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August Review

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A decent start to the league, a bit disappointed with the too draws in a row, but hey! We haven't lost a game yet.

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We're sitting 4th in the league which is decent and its only early doors.

I decided to hire a new Scout and in his first couple of days he found me a beast!

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​I also got a few others on free transfers, but there just backups or reserves there is nothing special about them.

But overall a decent start in the league and hopefully we can keep it going!
<3 Shaymen!

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September Review

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Im pleased with this month, we won all our games including the FA Cup 2nd qualifier and got some good results in the league, lets keep this form going.

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Top of the league after 9 games, not bad going!

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Also won manager of the month, which im really pleased with now lets aim for manager of the year! ;)

And i have just noticed in the last update i added a game from the 1st of september in but it doesen't matter haha.

Shaymen <3

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October Review

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Another good month, still undefeated but im sure a loss will come sooner or later, as for our next game we have the FA CUP 1st round against rochdale who are currently 3rd in league 2, but ive reached my goal of the fa cup, which is reach the 1st round!
Also happy with the win over Mansfield as they are in the league above.

League Table

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A nice 10 point difference as we remain top of the table hoping to be champions of the blue square north, and most importantly, get into the blue square premier!

Overall its been good so far, wish i would of won the last game against harrogate, but we're still undefeated in competitive matches, but i think it will end against rochdale next!
But we will have to wait and see.


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Oh jesus how have we managed that? An absolute cracking performance from the boys but sadly they have an away goal which will probably put us out!

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Oh my god! We've done it. I thought we was out on the 80th min. But then Adriano Moke scores a beamer to send us through! Rochdale are 3 league above us aswell! Scunthorpe in the next round!
November Review

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What a month! We knocked Rochdale out off the FA CUP which is absolutely fantastic after we drew with Rochdale we got a comfortable 4-1 win over Guiseley and then in the FA TROPHY we got a good win over Workington 4-2 to send us into the 1st round of the FA TROPHY. A 1-1 draw with Droylsden was pretty disappointing as they were 18th in the league but hey ho. Then a decent 2-1 victory over Chester sends us through to the FA TROPHY 2nd round!

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11 points clear at the top of the table and it doesn't seem that anybody is going to catch us, unless our form has a massive dip at the end of the season.

My next game is away to Scunthorpe in the FA CUP 2nd round they are 23rd in the npower league 1 so they are similar opponents to Rochdale! Can we also knock Scunthorpe out of the FA CUP? Who knows.

The Shaymen<3

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Wow you are storming the league, good job with the result at Rochdale! A good cup run and you will be rolling in the money.
Wow you are storming the league, good job with the result at Rochdale! A good cup run and you will be rolling in the money.

Thanks! Theres a suprise in the fa cup in the next update. (wink wink)
​December Review

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Yep.. You just read that right. We bet Scunthorpe away from home 5-2! I was shell shocked, we were all over them all game, dominating them! Also still havn't lost a game in the league, so we're still going strong there! We also bet Macclesfield who are in the league above which is great!

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16 points clear at the top of the league and with a game in hand! Surely the league title is in our hands?

In the 3rd round of the FA CUP we are away to Wigan who are 12th in the premier league, so this is where our unbeaten run may come to an end, but i have said that before and we managed to grab a win, will the
Shaymen be able to cause an upset in the FA CUP 3rd round?
Who knows.

The Shaymen <3

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January Review

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Well it wasn't the greatest of months, getting beaten 4 - 1 by Wigan and getting knocked out of the FA TROPHY to Grimsby 3 - 0 wasn't great but 3 draws and 4 wins in the league this month, still unbeaten in the league, and we aren't in any more cups now this season, so just time to focus on the league!

League Table

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Still flying high at the top of the table there 14 points clear, hopefully we can keep going like we have done, in the second half of the season!


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The only signing i made in January was this guy a free transfer and got some decent stats, he will be decent next season!

The Shaymen<3

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We have lifted the Blue Square Bet North with still 8 games to go, and still unbeaten, im not going to rest my players for the rest of the games, as i want to stay unbeaten!

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Congrats. Good luck in BSP next season.
I'm following this.:D
March Review

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A month off all wins! We won the league against Harrogate! We have dominated it this year, but next season it might be a different story, we might be avoiding relegation, finishing mid table, fighting for the playoffs, or title contenders..
Who knows?

League Table

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The aim for the rest of the games is to get past 100 points, which we should easily do!

The Shaymen<3

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April Review

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Finished the season unbeaten, what a fantastic year for me and the club looking forward to next year!

View attachment 370970Finished the season bang on 100 points which is great! Also broke the record for points, the previous record was 97 (I think)

The end of season review will be out sometime tonight! I've got Football training now! Thanks for all the support, if you have any ideas on players for me to sign, then tell me, also give me some tips if you want, and if theres any other stories you want me to do instead or aswel as this one then let me know!
Bye <3

The Shaymen<3

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End Off Season Review

League: 1st
FA Trophy: 4th round
FA Cup: 3rd round

Goals scored in the league: 89
Our top scorer in the league: Gareth Seddon with 19 goals!

Top 5 in the table:
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Bottom 3 in the table:
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I think im set for another season! Don't think im moving anywhere or doing another story! Hopefully can get promoted into League 2 this upcoming season!
Can't wait, thanks for all the good support this season, its been awsome, lets keep our form going!

The Shaymen<3

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I didn't even win manager off the year! I wasn't even in the top 3! I was undefeated all season, had amazing cup runs, and i don't even get in the top 3.