Feb 6, 2013
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Halifax Town FC
A New Legacy

Halifax Courier

West Yorkshire Club Parts Ways With Manager

HALIFAX, WEST YORKSHIRE -- Fledgling football club, Halifax Town FC have announced that they have parted ways with Manager Neil Aspin. Aspin, who has been at the club since 2009, played his football at Port Vale and Leeds United before taking up a stint with Harrogate Town and, ultimately, Halifax. Club Chairman, Mark Reynolds, said that the club would begin looking for a replacement immediately and that Assistant Manager Darren Jones would be taking over until then.

When asked for a comment, Aspin said that he enjoyed his time at Halifax Town and would be looking to move on and manage in League Football. "There are no hard feelings between myself and Mr. Reynolds," said Aspin to a reporter. "We met and we both agreed that the direction that the board intended to take the club was no in line with my own philosophies and beliefs and that it would be best for both parties to part ways now. Halifax Town will always hold a special place in my heart and I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the fans who stood with us as we climbed up the pyramid."
A spokesman for the FC Halifax board said that they were excited about the prospect of moving forward and continuing to climb. The club was established in 2008 after their predecessor, Halifax Town AFC, went bankrupt. Whoever the new manager is, the board will be certain that the club's finances are kept in ship-shape as the Shaymen make a climb up the football pyramid.
Halifax Courier
Halifax Town FC Search Continues

Halifax Town FC continue their search for a new manager during the build up to a new season in North Conference football. A spokesman from the board of directors has said that the club remains committed to bringing in the highest quality the club can afford. As of now, there are four top candidates favored for the job including 49 year-old Nathan Ayling, 33 year-old David Betts, 40 year-old David Houghton, and 53 year-old James Vuksich. Chairman Reynolds said the club would have its manager by week's end.

((For some reason, my internet is really acting up. I will post photos of the 'potential managers' shortly.))
Halifax Courier

Halifax Town FC Hire New Manager!

Halifax Town FC have announced their new manager. Former England International, Ryan Owens, will be taking the hot seat for Halifax and promises to elevate the club to new heights. Owens is a former England central defender with 58 caps and 13 goals in his playing career. The 37 year old retired from playing last summer after sustaining a serious injury. Over the past year, he has been out of football but said that he is excited about the prospect of taking over at the helm of such an up-and-coming club.

Halifax Courier journalist, Martin Frampton, sat down with Owens for the following interview:

Martin Frampton: You sit here the new manager of Halifax FC. Is it a dream come true?

Ryan Owens: [Calmly] I am pleased the Chairman has entrusted me with this position. I realize that there were many candidates and Mr. Aspin has done a great job before me.

MF: How involved do you intend to be in the day-to-day running of the club?

[Calmly] I'm going to reshape this club from top to bottom. It has had a lot of success in its young life and I plan to continue that tradition.

MF: While some managers are famous for their hands-on approach, others are known for a more reserved style. How do you see your management style?

RO: [Calmly] I think a club works best when the players feel valued as people as well as footballers. I intend to bring in a lot of youth and that doesn't work if you don't help shape them into upstanding people as well as players.

MF: Last season, Halifax FC narrowly missed out on promotion, forcing fans to wait another year. Can you go one better and give the fans the dream of promotion?

RO: [Calmly] This year, we will make the next step and we won't stop there.

MF: It is often said that different managers favour different competitions. Will you be concentrating on getting good results in the Blue Square Bet North?

RO: [Calmly] I don't think it's right to prioritise one competition above another at this point. If we want to have success at the higher levels, we need the income from cup competitions going forward.

MF: What would you say is your tactical approach to the game?

RO: [Calmly] It all depends on the situation. There are so many variables in football that to choose just one tactic would be irresponsible.

MF: On the off-chance that any agents are reading your comments, is there a particular area of the squad that you are looking to improve?

RO: [Calmly] Midfield.

MF: Many people are wondering what a manager like you is doing at Halifax FC. Are you selling yourself short or do you just have no ambition?

RO: [Calmly] There's no lack of ambition on my part. I intend to take this club as high as I can. Halifax Town is a fantastic club with a lot of potential. I think it's very ambitious.

MF: Do you already have an idea of which players you like and those that you aren't so happy with?

RO: [Calmly] Everyone will get a chance to show what they can do.

MF: In that case, are you likely to delve into the transfer market?

RO: [Calmly] I won't be making purchases for the sake of it, if I buy a player they have to be the right one. I will have to be frugal.