FC SEOUL- Not really sure what I’m doing here


Aug 10, 2017
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I have been a reading the story side of this forum for a few years now and I’ve decided to take the plunge and start writing one myself! This is my first time writing something like this so any advice would be appreciated! Hope you enjoy!
FC SEOUL- Not really sure what I’m doing here
I have been playing FM for around 7 years now, and surely in this time, I’d have ventured outside of my safe haven of Europe. But no, I haven’t, so follow me as I take over one of the best teams in South Korea and try to dominate Asia and win the Club World Cup! With zero knowledge of Asian football and a distinct lack of ability when it comes to the game itself, this should be fun…
Anyway, on to the team​

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FC Seoul were founded on the 22nd of December 1983 and started out in 1984 as the Lucky-Goldstar Football Club. Their first season in the K-League (then known as the Korea Professional Football League) wasn’t kind to them as they finished 7th in an 8 team league. The next season was much improved as they went on to win the league.

At first they were based in the Chungcheong Province but the owners of the club, LG Group always wanted to be based in the nation’s capital, Seoul. At the end of the 1989 season, there was a worry about the financial stability of some of the clubs in the league which lead to multiple clubs being invited to play in Seoul. The Lucky-Goldstar Football Club relocated to the Seoul Stadium and this seemed to help as they finished the 1990 season by winning the league. In 1991, the club changed its name to the LG Cheetahs to mirror the baseball team owned by the same group. In 1996, the club was forced to move out of Seoul due to the leagues decentralization policy which was invented to increase the growth of football in the provinces. Also, in 1995, Korea was bidding for the opportunity to host the 2002 World Cup. This meant that there had to be a football specific stadium in Seoul which led the Korean government to hand out an eviction order to the clubs affected by the decentralization policy.

Once the World Cup had ended, there was a set of expensive stadiums without a club to regularly play in it. This would have been a financial disaster as the stadiums were hard to maintain without any other financial backing. This led to the KFA actively supporting regional clubs to move into the stadium to avoid financial loss. However due to the K-League excluding any current club from playing in Seoul, the hope was a new club would take over the Seoul World Cup Stadium, but the construction costs were to be too much for any new club to take on. This led to Fc Seoul, then known as The Anyang LG Cheetahs paying 15 billion wons (£10,097,720.07) for a share in the construction fees. This was controversial as the KFA and the K-League had ultimately failed to create a new club in Seoul due to the high franchise fee. From then on, the club have gone back to being FC Seoul.

Sorry for the big wall of text but this was an introduction to the club, in the next update I will tell you about the on the pitch history of the club. Constructive criticism is appreciated and I hope you enjoyed reading!
The Start
View attachment 86529As you can see, the club has good youth facilities and impressive training facilities. Hopefully, this means we can get some good Korean regens, ideally goalkeepers as there is a ridiculous league rule that you must have Korean only goalkeepers. I am going to try and win a few more leagues and perhaps add an Asian Champions League!

For coaching badges, I decided to go with the recommended badges and experience which was a continental A licence and a former professional at a national level. I’m not too sure how much of an effect not being able to speak Korean will have at the start but hopefully I’ll pick some up in game as I go along.

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In terms of staff, we could do with replacing a few of the coaches and I’ll definitely be bringing in an assistant manager as we do not have one. Also one or two more scouts would be nice but it is not something that is make or break.
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In the next update we will be looking at our goalkeepers and defence, thanks for reading.
Good luck mate. Some of my funnest saves have been in Asia. Enjoy and I'm sure everyone else will too :)
Welcome and good luck on your first story!

I always enjoy reading stories regarding teams I know little about.
Good luck mate. Some of my funnest saves have been in Asia. Enjoy and I'm sure everyone else will too :)
Cheers mate!
Welcome and good luck on your first story!

I always enjoy reading stories regarding teams I know little about.
Cheers, in terms of knowledge, we're in the same boat!


Yoo Hyun is an experienced goalkeeper who is good for this league. He is well rounded in most departments which does make me feel confident that he will be consistent in goal for us. As it stands, he is my first choice.
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Yang Han-Been is my backup for Yoo Hyun, so I hope Yoo Hyun doesn’t get injured! While he is not awful, he is also not very good. His distribution is his best attribute but he is not great at anything else. If we can, we will be looking for a new second choice keeper. We do have a very decent 2nd choice goalkeeper out on loan but I can’t recall him as he is undertaking military service. Brilliant.
View attachment 86309Kim Chul-Ho is the 3rd choice and there really isn’t much to say about him. At 20 years old, he isn’t the finished article but according to his report he may only be better than my backup.

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Shin Kwang-Hoon is my best right back, and while he isn’t anything special, he looks like a player capable of consistently getting 7s. His good crossing and dribbling will make him a threat going forward, while being able to hold his own at the back.
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Lee Kyu-Ro is basically a downgrade on Kwang-Hoon, so there is not much to say in that regard.
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We have another RB but he is so bad that there is no point showing him to you.

Kim Chi-Woo and Shim Sang-Min are our two left backs but there is not much between them. Chi-Woo is slightly better but Sang-Min has 10 years on him so it leads me to want to start Sang-Min instead.
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Kwak Tae-Hwi is our best centre half but at the age of 35 he is not going to have many years left in him. However, he is very quick for someone that is 35 and this means he can still keep up. He is also very good at the basics, which is very helpful.
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All of the other centre backs are very average and there is again not much point showing you 5 players on the same ability, and if the transfer window goes to plan then I will have one or two new centre backs to show you.​

Thanks for reading, in the next update we will go through the midfield and forwards.
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Midfield & Attackers

We will be playing with a midfield 3 with a holding midfielder and two central midfielders, so having a good defensive midfielder is vital. Osmar is that good defensive midfielder who is a tough tackling midfielder who can play, which is helpful as due to the aging squad, we will be playing a possession based style of football.
View attachment 85554Kim Son-Wik is a decent back up for Osmar but he is not anything special so he could be replaced.
View attachment 85553The two starting centre midfielders are Joo Se-Jong and Ha Dae-Sung. The latter is a much better player but like most of our better players, he is over 27 so we will look to get a few years out of him. Dae-Sung is a more creative player while Se-Jong is a defensive minded player.
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On the right of our front three, is Lee Sang-Ho, who is a good winger but would be more suited as an inside forward as he has the attributes to excel at that position.
View attachment 85550Yun Il-Lok is a decent left winger who unlike most of the squad is under the age of 27, and at 23 he has a bit of potential and I hope he can deliver.
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Dejan Damjanovic is our star striker but age is not on his side so hopefully we can get the best of him before he either starts to decline or just retire.
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Our back up striker will be a familiar name to arsenal fans as one of Wengers weirdest signings, Park Chu Young will be covering for Damjanovic whenever he is too tired to play.
View attachment 85547Thanks for reading, in the next update we will cover pre season and any transfer business.
Transfers and friendlies
These are the signings I have made; there already may be a regret but some very positive business as well.
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Lee Tae-Hee is a very solid young goalkeeper who has a lot of potential and could be our starting goalkeeper for years to come. For now, we have loaned him back to them for the season so he can get regular first team football at Incheon United.
View attachment 84792Seo Sang-Min comes in as cover at centre mid as I felt we needed another body in there and Sang-Min was cheap and is a good K-league midfielder. At 29, we’ll probably get two or three seasons out of him before moving him on.
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Bosko Jankovic may be a signing that I could regret. Firstly, he is injury prone and secondly, he takes up space as a foreign player. He also is in the same position as Lee Sang-Ho (AMR) which means I could be spending a decent wage for a backup. However, he is still a very good player on his day and as we only have him for a season, we can hopefully see the best of him in his one and only year at the club.
View attachment 84790Bruno Rodrigo is a very good player, and once my scout came back and said he would be a star for the K-League, I had to sign him. He is a centre back who can confidently play the ball out from the back and hopefully he can have some very solid performances for us. We have him for two years and depending on how he does we’ll adjust accordingly.
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In terms of staff, I brought in a lot as we didn’t have much and everyone specialises in their certain areas.

View attachment 84788The friendlies have not actually finished yet, but we have some Asian Champions League games during them so I will give you a slightly less vague look on those games. The only loss was against CSKA Moscow in which we dominated but they showed their class by scoring one of their few chances.
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Thanks for reading, in the next update we will go through the end of February and the entire month of March.