Feb 3, 2010
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hi all im looking for some help i have just started a save with fc utd who are in the northen premier league and im looking to make them the best team in the world i know it will take a very long time but thats the fun so whats your point i hear you ask well it looks like i have no clue what im doing all ways thought i did but looks like i dont what im after is a tac thats very good at the back but allso good going forword i know you all are going to say why dont you make your own if i had a clue what i was doing i would but i dont the default tac thay start with is 4-2-3-1 that 2cb 1lb 1rb 2cm 1amr 1amc 1aml and 1st l like the tac but i dont think i have the player to make it work and i dont have the money or wages to bring that many in i have tryed a few tac on here but nothing seem to work i win a few draw some lose a **** of a lot more i know you need time for the players to gel and learn the tac i get that but fm seems to take a lot of joy from geting me mad i know its just a game but its a very good game i have saves with man u juv rangers i know big club and if you dont win anything with them you need to be shot well not shot but you get what i mean but there my fun saves but the most fun save i have had was on fm12 with san morino i play it to 2023 thats the longest i have played on any save on any fm or cm for that matter so i any 1 can help that would be gr8