Jan 5, 2013
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So, I'm currently entering my second season with FCP. Things are going very well and I have amassed a lot of young talent at the club. However, my U-19 manager (Jose Guilherme) is a royal pain in my ***. He won't play my better players when I designate them for U-19 duties. Instead, he insists on playing the players whose potential ability is too low for me to bother having them around for any purpose other than to fill the roster spots.
My question. How can I deal with this? I need my youngsters to play, but there are not enough minutes in the A team.
Option 1: Fire him. I don't want to if I can avoid it. He is a good coach, Portugeuse, and I don't think I will get someone better.
Option 2: Is there a menu that I am missing where in I can have more influence ove player development without having to terminate him? This is the option I would obviously prefer.
Option 3: Just loan the high potential developing players out. I'd rather avoid this, since I've already got to send at least a few of them(Mangala, Kelvin, Walter, and a few more) away to get minutes. I have a great coaching staff (all categories minimum 4 stars) and facilities for a reason and I want my players in the system and available.
Interested to hear responses on this!
I see there were no responses, but I'll share what I decided to do.
1. Loan out any players who had high potential to upper league outfits, preferring 1st team football above all other criteria (%wages, monthly fee, position used in).
2. Use the B team as a dumping ground. U-19 manager has to field a side, so I force him to use the players that I want to develop. Granted, FCP B is a monstrosity, but it's just full of the usual castoffs. In the 3rd season and I've cleared most of the organizational deadwood away.
3.Still haven't fired Guilherme, but I hired Dave Parnaby as Director of Youth Development. I found that it's difficult to get better U-19 coaches. All of the good coaches want to handle the senior squad. Unfortunately, there is no menu, but I try to get my youngsters 1st team minutes whenever possible.

Seems to be working well enough, even if I did only finish 2nd in the 2nd season. Takes time to develop the youth and my squad had a few late equalizers that dropped about 8 points. Better goal differential by about +20 as opposed to SLB(winners). However, to be fair, my squad did lose to SLB 3 out of 5 through all competitions. But the new group has done them 5-1 in the Supertaca, so here's hoping for a smooth 3rd campaign.
Maybe, find a lower-level feeder club to loan your players out to them. Make sure they'll be low enough to play your players regularly though.
Honestly, I wouldn't sack the coach. He's been there for a reason, so he has to be good, even if he's infuriating. Trust me, I have Steve Bould in my FM 2012 (still playing it, yes) as my U18 manager, and he's an idiot sometimes. He wins the U18 titles back to back, but still an idiot.
I'm sorry that no one responded to you, by the way. :/