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Fearless & Strikerless 4123 (FM23)

made the tweaks in v2 after losing to Porto, more stable defensively and scoring as much if not more. changing to attacking at the end of games when you have a comfortable lead will avoid late goals against simply due to less risk in mentality


finished the season with sporting winning the league, both cups and losing in the final of the CL to Bayern 3-2 at the death.

all in all an amazing season where we scored goals for fun. havent managed to score this many for a while and its pretty amazing we managed to do so with no strikers.

Pedro Gonçalves bagged 0ver 60 goals playing as SS and he wasnt even on pens. Marcus Edwards over 40 goals and 30 assists.

We have however still conceeded a lot of goals, despite the end of the season a rollercoaster of games and its difficult to keep everyone fit and to use the first team in all games. But there is definitely room for improvement. Need to figure out how to make the defense more stable while keeping most of the attacking output



Why don't you test your laterals in reverse laterals? these would support the midfield and thus your midfielders could go up much higher and support the three midfielders,sorry my english
tried it out and unfortunately they don't retain possession as well as before and they also don't seem to influence the performance of the CM's that much. should work in theory though, although with very attacking mentality logic doesnt always prevail
1st season my original, 2nd season your v1 with some tweaks
loved this tac for the last 2 years, cant wait to try on fm23