I got him with Luton in the first season. Beast. He's the only one player, I set a nickname. "God".
I'm wanting to sign him for hearts. Searched for him, scouted him. Report card says he would be extremely interested in joining my club. Wages would be about £2800 and there is just a dash where you would expect to see the expected transfer fee.

So, I want to sign him but the button called 'make offer' isn't there. I have looked everywhere and cannot make an offer for him. I've checked if the button appears on other players in case there was a bug of some kind and it's there fir everyone else.

Don't know if this matters bit when I go back to the search results where I search for him by name his name appears on list in the colour red.

Anyone got any ideas what's going on with that?

Thanks folks


He could be possibly about to play a england trial game which means you cannot sign him until he plays the england trial game if he is a free agent.
Signed him in my MK Dons save. He's on pace to be the most prolific scorer I've ever had while managing club throughout all the years I've played FM. 21 goals in 10 appearances.
AFC Wimbleon so far 17 goals in 16 matches in All competitions - he's amazing if he didnt score a single goal in 1 match he will score 2 or 3 the next match 85% of the time!