Feeder Club Trick


Jan 5, 2006
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I've just found out there is a way to get ALL the feeder clubs that the board give you to choose from, and heres how:
Lets say they give you 5 to choose from. When the news item comes up giving you the option to make recommendation, click the "Make Recommendation" button. Now, when on the screen where you choose the feeder club from, click the news icon (little letter thing) BEFORE making a recommendation. Then click on the "Make Recommendation" button again in the news item. Repeat this process five times (or however many feeder clubs you have to choose from) then when the last one's done, make a recommendation. Then immediately press back and you recommend another club. Do this and recommend all of the clubs and you'll have them all!!

P.S: This also works for parent clubs :D
zoom zoom kris (cos kris is slow and cheat lulz)
lmao im behind the game :( i dnt even have a decent tactic to steal
I didn't know this! thanks will test it out, though i do not like to cheat i love feeder clubs.
i dont see it as cheating, i see is more as taking advantage of a mistake from sigames
the best one was on cm 99 when u made a bid for the player it gets accepted then u go back and make another of 0 then offer the contract
i dont see it as cheating, i see is more as taking advantage of a mistake from sigames

i.e. cheating

and kris you could do it for a brief time on cm4 or cm 03/04 as well
I just tested it and worked a charm....didn't get a decent team though.
i did it hoping i would get loads of asian teams for merchandise money. turned out i got 5 teams from ireland!! :mad:
Neither will I. It doesnt have much point if your just doing 1 season then never playing it again.
I tried it and very sure I followed the instructions but didn't work for me :(
come on now blaine, surely a world class manager shouldn't have to resort to cheating!

i'm very disappointed in you
Who and who? nah they were ****** Irish/Welsh teams ;)
Dying to try this, waiting for my **** Board to allow me to ask for feeder clubs again....
You know this was for FM07 yeah? Hence the date it was posted - 27/1/07.