May 11, 2013
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The thing that I'm struggling with (after searching the internet I couldn't find anything similar) is; I'm currently in the BPL (Everton) and signed a few regen players from Argentina, the problem is of course, work permits. I'm in a scenario where, the players have 'signed' but aren't due to join till 2/3 years time, the message I got was essentially; they couldn't play for me till they'd gained a work permit through a feeder club. At the time I signed them I only had feeder clubs in England so they couldn't accept the players either. Since then I have acquired Standard Liege in Belgium as a feeder club, and yet still cannot send my players there to gain work permits, they're all still at their original clubs, with "transfer arranged". I have no option on these players to do anything except get scout reports on their matches. I know sending them to Belgium they'd still need to be there for a couple of years to get work permits, but I'd rather have them all at the feeder club in one place. Any help is appreciated :D
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Not much you can do until they join, once they do just send them out to the feeder club and start offering them contracts every so often until the work permit goes through.
Ah that's an annoyance, luckily they're only 15/16 at the moment so they'll be around 18/19 when I get them.