Jul 7, 2010
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So I'm playing with West Ham Utd in my 2nd season and I need a CAM, who can jump, header and is strong in the air to play behind a fast poacher (Hernandez) in an attacking midfield of 3 CAM's. I've modified the 4-3-3 kin tactic so that I have a BWM, DLP, 2 IF's either side of an AM behind a Poacher.

I have £6-7m max to spend, in the January transfer window, I could wait until the end of the season, when I have more money to spend but I need some targets for now. I have bid for Adam Nemec, but I am also open to CM's/DM's that I can retrain to play as CAM's.

I'd also like to look for a quick left and right winger, one that dribbles well because I want to get rid of Jarvis (already have Pedro Leon for a crossing alternative).

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greizmann could be an option if you can afford him and i dont really think there's alot of strong cam's cant think of any from the top of my head except rooney
In my second season with West Brom I managed to get Affelay from barcelona as my CAM. He was transfer listed so i paid only £6million for him and he has done the job for me. I also was close to signing Nico Gaitan for £4.5million but he failed the work permit so either of these may be worth a look at. A cheap alternative would be Borek Dockal. I got him in my first season for £700k and he went on to score 15 goals....absolute bargain!