Mar 17, 2010
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As above who is the better player and who has experience of both it's not a deal or no deal issue, jw who is the better player as its probs between those 2 too have the tittle of best cm in the game..
Get em both. Vidal better at marking, Fellaini at everything else : D

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Vidal. He's a better BWM. He plays in a lot of positions. The only thing Fellaini is better at is the aerial part
I've had them both together in the same team, both class. If I had to pick one Vidal, better all round player.
I find that Fellaini works better in a more offensive role than Vidal, so it really depends on what kind of roles you need in your team.
depends, if more defensive approach, go for vidal. Offense for fellaini. Also, if you are the kind of wanting to get the best out of set pieces, fellaini is beast at heading.

I love fellaini more.