Ferguson wants to stay at Man Utd

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Aug 23, 2006
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Sir Alex Ferguson reveals he wants to remain as Man Utd boss for at least another two years.

ttm, at first this season i said if we win the league or the Cl he should go and retire in style, but now i've realised he's still the best around and can carry on going. If we can get rid of ***** like Fletcher and Silvestre for next season, possibly Richardson and Brown, bring in a defensive midfielder and a back-up attacker/winger as well maybe, and we'll be alot stronger than the current best team in the prem...erm, us :D
brown is still a good player its just his performances have been a little shakey of late, considering he hasnt played because of vidic's form, what can you expect? i think he is a good backup player.
Yeah I think Brown's decent tbf, but everyone sucked last night so can't just single him out really.
meh wasn't just based on last nite, but I spose we'd be wise to keep him...though hopefully we will have Pique next season