Mar 24, 2013
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Hi guys, sorry if there is a post up already about him.I just wondered for all of you who are 2-4 seasons into your game how has Torres performed just out of interest?He currently plays for a Second Division in Spain in my 2016 save while having loan spells with Sporting and hull.Looks like he will be stuck at 99 caps as well not reaching 100! Poor bloke
Well I played 3 seasons with Chelsea in one of my saves and I kept him. He constantly scored like 30 - 45 goals for me per season, with his best being the 2nd season with 42 games and 41 goals + few assists. He kinda regained sum of his stats as he progressed from 3 star - rating to a 4 - star rating. He also made like over 100 caps for Spain.

Basically he was a beast.
Ah amazing!I'm not sure why he wasn't that good for Chelsea on my save probably because of the ME controlling them. He made 37 appearances last year and only scored 8 goals! I will have to upload a picture when I'm home from work.
On my Liverpool save, he's doing quite well. 4 seasons in and he's banging in goals.
On my old Arsenal save he was bought by Nottingham about 3 season in after they had been promoted and taken over, but they got relegated and he stayed with them, ending up in either League 1 or 2...
I will have to upload a picture of his stats, unbelievable that he decreased as a player so quickly.
My mate got him on a free for Brighton after being promoted. He's scored over 100 goals in 4 seasons but still doesn't get picked for Spain!
On my game a player called Torres scored against me whilst playing for Hull, I assumed it was a different Torres but turned out he signed for them on a season long loan for £825k. He only scored 3 goals all season for them!