Readman says:
server down again ?
Danny says:
Readman says:
kk, when wil it be up?
Danny says:
few mins
Readman says:
kk mate

I hope so.
Phew! Good job it's back up. :rolleyes:
Yeh everyone can get back on, apart from me ! :mad:
I can't reach either, well at the time of posting.
Jonny they have said that they are changing servers so might have some down-time.
Oh, ok, hope its not to long - i prefer ff-gfx to puresport-gfx :)
It's still slow.Am I the only one who can't get into it right now?
Sorry to bring up a really really old thread but the got some sad news:

Unfortunately last night we hacked by some ****** called J3W G0T PWNT, and we've seemed to have lost everything. ATM, were really not sure to start over or jusy give up.
I hope Redders made a backup.
Same here, its a great site and even if there isnt a back up then you should restart the site because it is great, even just get some forums up again first.
Yeh if you are going to do a reset you had best do it asap otherwise people might leave for good.
Never even knew this site still existed. :haha: