Fifa 11 pro club


Jan 18, 2011
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HI guys, does any one have a virtual pro on fifa11 for ps3 that would like to join my team, im looking for any position I already have someone playing as ANY, RS AND CM so if you would like to join then add me on ps3 at:
uk-brook-chris or pm me on here

Ii know but id like some peoploe to join my team if they wanted would be grateful
I have a decent pro who plays CF or RS, I'd be interested in joining. Quite like a game of clubs. Add me on psn if you'd like me to join in citizen_erased87
cheers guys yh citizen I will add you and am not sure on my record overallits not great but this current season its pretty good
I may join, my pro need some work doing though ?
Fancy a friendly with the club on these forums mate?
nah want to get more players first

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citizen ive added u m8
Theirs only 3 of us now how many is on your team?
2 at the minute but my m8s nt on so wouldnt be able to do it now

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im hopefully gettin some more too they have said they want to join so may have at 6 or 7 by end of week