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Sep 1, 2010
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After a few days of working it's finally here, the FIFA World League.
The Fifa World League contains 5 sub divisions:
FIFA Oceanian Premier Division (18 Clubs)
FIFA European Premier Division (18 Clubs)
FIFA Asian Premier Division (18 Clubs)
FIFA American Premier Division (18 Clubs)
FIFA African Premier Division (18 Clubs)
Numbers 1 to 3 of each competition will play in the big play off competition for the FIFA World League Title!
The first stage is only 17 games per team, and 14 in the final stage.
First, second and third division are coming in a few days!
Each competition has his own Cup and Super Cup, also there's a big cup for all competitions together, something like the Champions Leauge. Also there's a Super Cup for the winners of the World League and International Cup.
The Telivision money is set to 15 million Euro's, it's a big competition so it deserves a big amount of money.

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?87nvv75a95uj4j5
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