Fifa11 improvements

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Dec 29, 2009
Have you played FIFA 10? What was missing in the game? Do you have any ideas for its next version? Share it here !

Some of the first screenshots :

Some of the things I would like to see ( taken from commenters from other websites )

-swapping shirts would be cool and it would be decent in your BAP career if you could look back at the shirts you have collected from important games. Also can you add the champs league and europa cup and even the countries cups e.g. Scottish cup to the BAP career.

-i would like to see a change in the bench it will be very cool if u could acually see the bench with all the players

-BE A PRO: Goalkepper

-BE A PRO: Ref ( COULD BE BUCKIN AWSOME , but could not see that happen )

- Be able to manage international teams

- See the players lift the trophy when they win it

- Have the option to customise the kit after one, maybe two seasons. Teams kits dont stay the same for 15 seasons.

-Show managers expressions, more activity and more focus on what’s happening off the pitch, such as subs getting ready to come on etc etc.

-Have the chance to dive

-The referees should make wrong decisions sometimes, e.g. somes like Lampard goal but very rare, but I'd like to see more accurate whistling of fouls.

- BAP to be like in PES, you can't choose a team, you start in worse teams and maybe move on to Arsenal and such. And World Cup in Be a Pro of course.

-Weather should affect gameplay, example long shots should be more effective with heavy rain.

- Clock could continue to run in stoppage time

- And I'd like to also see more unfair play. Like yellow cards for arguing the referee and some very rare fights or arguings between players, which could cause them yellow or even red cards.

- Handing over of the armband when a captain is replaced

- More graphic injury animations

That's my "wishlist", whats yours ?


Apr 15, 2009
I would like to see an Improvement to the Passing system so that you can't just tap A on xbox/X on Ps3 and expect to find a team mate. Also something about the Goalkeepers, I felt on FIFA10 they were either amazing or awful, but then again it would be dificult to find a balance.

Oh...and something to make it bearable to play more than 1 season on Manager Mode


Jun 14, 2009
Luke, With the passing system, you can turn assistanted Passing off to manual. It means you have to aim, put the right amount of power on it. It is what i play on. Makes it harder and funner.


May 2, 2010
Be the Ref would be sweet, also the ability to switch clubs in your be a pro career, get bid made, contract offer etc. Sort of get sick of the same team after awhile lol

Average Joe

May 25, 2009
Thought that swapping shirts thing sounded daft at first but I suppose having a kind of book you fill in as you collect player shirts would be alright, for achivements and things anyway, would add little to the actual game.

Be a pros + / - system is pretty annoying somtimes. blame me for calling for a pass when the AI decides its better to pass to sombody thats behind the opposition, only for it to hit their legs. - points for me :mad:

Manager mode - improve the lot!
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