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Apr 2, 2012
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Every time my team gets the ball into the final third they slow their game way down, allowing the entire enemy team + half the population of china to get into the box and just shut down every attempt to score. The largest issue I'm noticing is that my Strikers always have their backs to the goal, accept a pass turn around see the great wall of china and then pass the ball back. I've never had them 1on1 with a goalie once. No matter what I try I'm getting no through balls. Same thing everytime: Player passes ball to player in front of him, he turns around, see 1000 defenders, stands there for a bit and lose the ball or pass it back.

I've tried both short and direct passing tactics, using playmakers and not using them, setting through balls to max etc. I simply cannot for the life of me get my team to pass the ball in front of my dudes. I have a striker with 16 acceleration and 14 pace, but he can never use any of that because he always has his back to the goal to accept a pass (none of them have the "back to goal" ppm"

Anyone else experiencing similar things? Or anyone got any advice?