Dec 2, 2012
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So, i ended up the 1st season with real madrid with a profit of 195 million, stayed like 497 million in the finances of the club, and since all my transfers are being payed in 48 months, whats makes a loose of 3 million all the months, but the club always find a way to make profit, it was the 2nd richest club in the world with a value of 2.1 billion or something like that, and then i threw away Di Maria and Benzema (di maria because i bought juan mata, and benzema because we became a bad player) and i win 65 million with both transfer, what maked a good balance, but then i bought mata with 59 millions, but only paid around 30 million, the rest i would play in 48 months, and i bought another player with 5 million, i still have alot of profit, since i paid about 35 million, i should have more 30 million in my balance, but no, i had a loose of 39 million, and my club became the 31st richest club in the world, with a value of 123 million, WTF, and i have allot of good players, world class players, mario gotze, ozil, ronaldo, casillas, alaba, bale, etc... and i already recovered the 39 million and we're in the pre season and nothing, it stills in the same place, but there's a thing, we lost 2 sponsors, but we win 3, what make a win of 79 million every season, there is anything i can do to put the club's value back to normal or is a bug? Thanks, and sorry for the bad english...