Financial Fair Play - Good or Evil?

I think it is good because It will improve the standard of home grown players making more mullers and giggs and less ibros and torreses. The world is In a financual meltdown and some people think that man utd and co. Should be alowed to throw money down the drain and have massive debt.

Thing it would have worked better. If there were no such things as lawyers. Without the strict penalties it's now worthless imo. It's just not going to work the way it was intended.
I think that first time a club breaks the ffp they get a transfer embargofor a year . If they break it again within 6 years they do not qualify for any uefa comp. Ee cl, el, esc etc.
I can't find any UEFA statement saying that the powers or guidelines of the CFCP (Club Financial Control Panel)have changed at all.

There is a bit of news about this in the past week, the 'top 6' clubs in the Premier League flew representatives to Nyon Switzerland this week to do a 'dry run' test in the new year. The guideline losses will clearly have to be altered/given lee way because £38.5 million combined acceptable losses over the first monitoring period is a little too far out of clubs reach.

Gianni Infantino is the one who crafted the legislation, he's seen as the succeeder to Platini when Michel joins FIFA, so UEFA have a lot riding on this working.

The homegrown issue is one that the Premier League themselves will need to look at, there is already a homegrown squad rule but limits on foreign players like other European countries aren't implemented to the same extent.

I don't think anti-foreign players legislation is the way forward at all anyway, look at Serie A and the way clubs search out South Americans with EU passports. It's a flawed idea, the Bundesliga model should be one we encourage the clubs to do, look at the amount of young German goalkeeping talent in there simply because clubs take them in so young and stick with them until they're 21 not 17.