Sep 6, 2009
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Why is it when i loan a player for example 50k is the fee and the salary i am paying is 10k a month and when i complete the deal i lose over the 2m in my transfer budget...that never happend to me before, is there anything i can change...also when i want to buy a player and offer for example 2m to pay now and 5m to pay throught 48 months, i have transfer budget 3m or 4m and i can not make this deal
also about the loans, i am now playing in the championship, when i play in premier league, seria a or in france this did not happend...but the transfer monthly fee always happend, even in football manager 2005, 06, 07, 08.....always
whats the overall balance? can you do a screenshot? and is your club already paying out for bank loan / transfer per month already?
overall balance is around 7m, i do not have any bank loan...also now when i ask the board to buy me a player and they accept, they lower my transfer budget, that also did not happend before. I begun a new game with Norwich (Premier league) just to see is this going to happen again, and it did
In your first example- the loan- I Always assumed that the whole amount would be taken Of the transfer budget straight away
In your second example, how big is the signing on and agent fee?
In your third and final example - the board - is it that you have asked them to negotiate and handle the transfer ? If so, then they are not actually increasing the budget and " giving " you a new player, but just handling the negotiations.
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