Feb 23, 2013
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I have played FM for years now and lurked round this forum but this is my first post.
I am currently in a save in which I have several managers and with one of them I have strted unemployed. Got a job with Cordoba in Liga Adelante in January 2013 and am now, with 4 games to go, close to promotion. Now, Cordoba is currently 3,5 mil Euros in the red and is projected to finish the season 5 mil in the red. Wage budget is maxed out. If I get promoted, what are the financial benefits and will some of them be on my disposal already in the summer? I am afraid that I will have to have a huge fire sale if thr promotion doesnt get me at least 5-7 mill.
Btw, check out Fede Vico who is 18 and plays for Cordoba, he is a great youbg winger. Also, for those of u who generaly play smaller teams, how big is the step to the first league in terms of player quality? Will I have to change half of the team?
What? There's over £10m of TV money in La Liga, combined with larger attendances. My advice is to improve the weakest areas and sign key players in key positions while keeping the squad largely together since too many signings will cause the team to play poorly for around a season and damage your finances.