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Mar 22, 2013
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Hi guys, i'm Vincent from, whos an administrative member and tactic creator of the community
i'm new here so not really sure whether its appropriate to start up such thread,
(to the administrator here: feel free to remove this thread if u think its not appropriate)
anyway, i heard from some of our members that few tactics from is quite welcomed hea,
they told me that interest about tactics from are high here, but you guys cannot really grasp them due to the language barrier. (maybe i'm just counting chickens before they are hatched xp)
SO, if u guys got any questions about tactic you find from, or have any questions about what we discuss about fm tactics and gameplay there,
feel free to ask me, i'll answer you whenever i visit this website

btw, i am also having a quite big name as tactic creator in korea x)
thinking to post some of my tactics here too~~
Hi Vincent, why don't start off by posting one of your tactics and give us all the info we need to get the best out of it. Then we can judge how good or bad your tactic is. Plus that way we can ask questions regarding said tactic.
Hi Vincent, I myself have downloaded tactics from FMKorea before, some really good tactics there.
Perhaps you can help me with this, I like tactics that are really attacking, producing the most goals possible, even if the goals allowed are high. Can you point me to a good attacking tactic from FMKorea?
hi~ ya i'm preparing to upload a tactic that i'm creating now,
still loading the game that i'll upload it when i finish playing current season,,
and i was saying that there are lots of other tactics uploaded in created by Korean tacticians
I see some of you brought those here but having problems translating those korean explainations,
welcome to ask me :)
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hey guys btw i post my gameplay for tactic that i'm currently creating
i aim for passing game
my motto is
"my aim is not winning the game but to realize the beautiful football in the screen for at least 30 seconds"

LOL :$
Hello ! If u can plz try to translate Andreazzoli's 3-4-2-1. I dont have link to topic on fmkorea but i know that tactic is from there. I started playing this one and its awesome. Thx in advance !
Welcome Vincent. I look forward to using your tactics! good luck!
There's 2 bossanovas, 1 from korea and the modern warfare fm thai bossanova jason

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hey guys btw i post my gameplay for tactic that i'm currently creating
i aim for passing game
my motto is
"my aim is not winning the game but to realize the beautiful football in the screen for at least 30 seconds"

LOL :$

how about you upload a tested and working Barca Tiki Taka style on here. a lot of people post and claim their's work for other teams not just Barca however when you test you find that it doesn't work with any other team.

if you can upload a good tiki taka tactic i think you would make a big name for yourself on here :)
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Hey Vincent, I would like to see that 4-5-1 you are using in the video.
are you planing to upload it today?

the tactic you are referring shld be this one i guess, -

I'll briefly translate some key parts that the uploader mentioned

this tactic aims to dominate and control the game via fluid teamwork through the entire field players.
and the uploader reminds that it is recommended to use suitable touchline instructions as you play

position description

ST - Complete forward
some expensive players are recommended. it is good with a preferred move 'plays with back to goal', but not necessary.
the key attribute for this position is STRENGTH
do not use players with good poachering ability but poor physical ability such as chicharito

AMRL - Inside Forwards
the best is to use either footed players, but it does not really matter which food the player uses as they are set to be switching positions.
acceleration, pace, finishing, technique, passing and creativity are the attributes that you should look for

AMC - Trq
agility, tech, creativity, passing and flair

a very important position who controls the flow of the pitch
teamwork, decision, passing, creativity, tackling

DMCR - Anchor man
A good holder of the defence line with good defensive attributes
such as tackling, strength, concentration, work rate

defensive attributes are more important than attacking ones

DO NOT change the role of stopper and cover
stopper shld hv good tackling, marking, strength, bravery and concentration
cover player needs to be fast, and with good tackling and marking ability

sweeper keeper, use good ones

What shouts are reccommended in this tactic: 4-1-1-3-1 Bossa nova (Dibuk) chelsea ver.2?
hi Vincent,

Maybe you should talk to Raikan007 or another mod and see if you guys can work together a bit between fmkorea and fmbase? Perhaps share threads on each other forums etc. Just a suggestion :)