Finished 1st in EPL but only qualified for Europa League


Mar 19, 2012
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Was wondering if anyone would be able too explain this too me...

I started a game with Rangers in the conference and have just finished my 1st season in the premiership which I won. I have only qualified for the euro cup and have been drawn against Debrecen in the 2nd qualifying round.

Does anyone have any idea why this has happened? Thanks.
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Was Rangers banned from the UCL after the relegation for a certain ammount of time?
Yeah we were banned for 3 years but I won the premiership in my 5th season so the ban would have been over. The fact that I have also qualified for the Europa League is makes it even more confusing as it's not as if the ban could have run on longer
Did you leave Rangers' Continental Nation set to Scotland when you transferred them to the English leagues? The Champions league might not recognize you as the English champions.