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Finishing touches to my World League (550 + teams)

Feb 7, 2012
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If I send the file over, is anyone willing to put the finishing touches to my world super league set up?

I have got as far as creating the leagues and adding the teams.

each league has 24 teams apart from the bottom tier.

The league set up is as follows...

.Tier 1) Adidas World League Premiership (24 x teams)

Tier 2) Adidas World League Championship (24 x teams)

Tier 3) Adidas Division One (24 x teams

)Tier 4) Adidas Division Two (24 x teams)

Tier 5) Adidas Division Three (24 x Teams)

Tier 6) Adidas Conference (24 x teams)

Tier 7) Nike Premiership A / Nike Premiership B (2 x Leagues with 24 x teams)

Tier 8) Nike Championship A / Nike Championship B ( 2 x Leagues with 24 x teams

)Tier 9) Nike Serie A / Nike Serie B / Nike Serie C / Nike Serie D (4 X Leagues with 24 x Teams)

Tier 10) Puma Prem A / Puma Prem B / Puma Prem C / Puma Prem D (4 X Leagues with 24 x Teams)

Tier 11) Puma Champ A / Puma Champ B / Puma Champ C / Puma Champ D (4 x leagues with 24 x teams)

Tier 12) Puma Class A / Puma Class B / Puma Class C / Puma Class D (4 x leagues with 24 x teams)

Tier 13) Puma Group 1 / Puma Group 2 / Puma Group 3 / Puma Group 4 (4 x leagues with 16 x teams)

- I have created no cup competitions, but was thinking of having two cup competitions on the go each season.- Leagues I have used is

- South Africa, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Rep, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, MLS, Mexico, Australia, Uruguay, Slovenia, Finland, REP Ireland, Cyprus, Israel, Belarus

- I have put no TV cash deals for each league

- I have also not put a cash prize for league placement finish

- There do not seem to be any youth/ reserve leagues anymore, I dont know how to sort this

.Anyone is welcome to have the file off of me at request and tune up/ finish what I have started.

You can re-post and take all credit as well if that's what you want, im just not good enough with editor to finish this off

. Cheers Guys
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