Oct 5, 2012
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Hello everyone, I wanted to ask the geniuses of the forum as a tactic to make the most of my beloved FIORENTINA!
I'd like to play with two strikers and defense in-line 4
Other requesito, I love the beautiful game and possibly many goals!
if anyone could help me, I would be really grateful
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Have a look at this approach. If you feel its to attacking, then look at the Aston Villa one


Disclaimer: This is in no way an emulation.
Basiclly, I have been using these settings. As you see, there is nothing fancy here. I just let the players do their stuff. Man U has a huge advantaghe if you use the right plrayers, the players with high team work and work rate. I have not used any playmaker, hence its set to "none"

Also suited for:Tottenham, Chelsea, Man City, Pool. Obviously there are more teams but you getting the hang of it

1st strategy: A wide Control based approach

This is the main approach. Playing rather attacking and using the width of the pitch to be able to create space and drag those deep sitting and tight defences out of position

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2nd strategy: Quick and Direct Counter

As always, there will be times when you want to hit the opponent on the counter. Perhaps in the away match against a really good team that attacks you and leaves lots of space benhind their fullbacks for you to exploit, or when that lesser team is trying to make a comeback, you being 2-0 up. Here, we put direct balls into channels for our wingers and attackers to run onto.

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2nd Keeping the ball and using the space

Here, we use more of the width in midfield and defence and slow things down, trying to keep possession better. Maybe against teams that sit deeper with their team, playing tight as well or when wanting to hold on to the ball and dictate the game, seeing out a 2-0 lead, not really needing to score that 3-0 on the cost of risking the AI making a comeback

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thanks TBH
The first and second tactic I have understood what they are based, while the third, of Aston Villa, what is it based?
Another question, if I wanted to move the wings on the frontline, what would happen, the tactic does not make it the best?