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Sep 15, 2005
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The FM Live beta went <em>live </em>on wednesday night around 10.30pm and since then I have been playing the game in various forms every chance I have got. I have to be honest the game is just so addicting and it has only been running for just under 5 days now.
<p ALIGN="left">Playing matches is what this game is all about so I am glad to say that actually playing a match is even faster than the speeds I get when i play FM 2007 on my computer so I am extremely impressed at that. There is a chat box during the match so you can chat with your opponent or chat to anybody who decides to pop in and watch your game.</p>
<img ALT="First Competitive Game" SRC="" /> <a TITLE="2D Pitch" HREF=""><img ALT="2D Pitch" SRC="" /></a>

Another key part of the game is <strong>player auctions</strong>. This will be the main way that you sign the decent players for your team. A <strong>player wage auction</strong> is when the player is currently a free agent and it is simply the team who offers the most wages win the signiature of the player. There is a screenshot attached of a vicious bidding war between me and another team for Diego. The eventual wage was £70k which is ridiculous money for teams just starting off. I am glad I did not win the auction as the winning team actually went bankrupt and had to start again!

<a TITLE="Diego Wage Auction" REL="attachment wp-att-19" HREF=""><img ALT="Diego Wage Auction" SRC="" /></a>

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I want to play this so bad right now, I hate you. :thup: I'll geting this as soon as it becomes available. Blog more too.
It's such a great game. Can get quite frustrating though as players seem to miss goal scoring chances 100 times more than they do on FM 2007 :(