Jul 14, 2010
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Sry if this exists somewhere, i couldnt find it.
Ok. Here is my question. Whats the difference between them ( not the obvious one, like one train first team, and cant train youth, others train youth and cant first team). Whats stopping me to sign all my coachs just to "coach" ?
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Nothing is stopping you from signing all your coaches to just 'coach' however you may need more coaches in this situation to get their workloads down to low-medium workloads, as they will be training a lkot more players.

It's often possible to sign youth coaches from top clubs onto coach contracts even if you are a small club as they consider the coach position to be more reputable than a youth coach position.
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So difference is in workload, right ? Then, whats with working with youngsters stat ? Why is that stat useful ?
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Well coaches with a high working with youngsters tat will obviously improve youth players more, but thats not to say thewy wont work equally as well with senior players too.

Being a coach as opposed to a youth/first team coach means you train both the youth and senior squads, thus increasing your workload.
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