first thing to look at doing when managing a lower league team (havant and waterloov)

first thing I did was assistant man, coach and fitness coach. When I was lower league, I worked on the aerobics side, and kept other attributes lower priority
dont bother with Coaches because if you plan on going up and up and up then they wont be good enough , go for Terry Dixon and Tommy Mooney.. bang Mooney on a longer contract and then he will be a coach later on in the game if you tell him,

play attacking score more than the opposition,
i would also play premier league reserve teams when you can squeeze it in, i racked up 1m in 1 saved game and still got promoted.

doing this i got AFC Telford promoted in the first season with 101pts this is my 3rd Telford save ive got tips from LLM threads some very good ones.

fofana is also mint.
ismael fofana?

yeah hes awesome. i have him on my darlo game; a real gem.
Scouts that aren't blind are a big help.
AFC Telford are the "best" team in the BSN so good brag
Physical stats are alot better at this level.
You would have to tinker with training schedules
good brag? when you get 101points with them come back with your flaming.