First things you always do when managing a new club


Jan 4, 2009
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Hello all

Just wondered what everyone does first when managing a new club

eg. What type of training do you set, how do you select play style........

Always looking to improve my game!

implement my tactics
train those tactics
bring in my own AM unless the team have a good one
upgrade coaches
sell deadwood players
find what I should buy & set transfer targets
check team for players then implement my tactic or adjust it to what i have allready / can afford
train those tactics
bring in my staff
sell deadwood players
look to improve the team
My first move is always to bring in some new staff. Almost any club you go to will have utterly useless coaches and scouts, and very often pretty poor physios. It's a few minutes work to get rid of the ones you can afford to mutually terminate and replace them with far better guys. I always go for 4*+ coaches, and very rarely pay above £2k p/w for them. Of course they mostly end up being English and Brazilian as, for some reason I'm not really sure of, Italian, Spanish, German, etc coaches are horrendously greedy.

Next, I evaluate my squad and decide what tactics to use based on my strengths and weaknesses, and I determine what positions need strengthening, and try to find targets based on how much money I have to spend. If I don't have enough to strengthen properly, I'll have to decide who I can sacrifice to raise the capital.

Then I arrange a few more friendlies. I try to find a balance between booking matches I can win and ones that'll bring in plenty of cash. If I'm a smaller club I'll go for big money-spinners and finish off with some easier ones to raise morale in time for the league campaign.

Then I hit continue and usually remember that I've forgotten something, which I'll then probably forget again by the time it finishes processing :S
yep. it takes me a good 2-3 hours just to get the season started. staff, scouting, selling players, loaning players, buying replacement, look for usual youngsters