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First Time Tactic Share. 3-4-3 Possesion. CCC`s

Nov 30, 2011
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Hi there
Ive looked at many tactics on here over the years and dabbled with plenty of them at times , but im never fully satisfied with playing the game unless im using a tactic that i have made.

Im now ready to share this one with everyone.

Now i know this saved game is a few seasons in with loads of generated players knocking about. But ive used many tactics in this game with no where near the same results as this tactic.

The tactic is a 3-4-3 3 centre backs, 2 wide midfielders that drop in to help when defending but also overlap when attacking. the 2 centre mids are more holding mids but do occasionally get forward. the 2 inside forwards are pivotal to this tactic working they need good finishing as they get plenty of chances, the striker as to have a bit of everything as he sometimes drops deep to play through balls to the inside forwards and gets plenty of chances.

View attachment 326740

The previous season i came 11th. this season i comfortably won the league with no additional transfers.
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Here is screen shots of one of my key games

View attachment 326746View attachment 326747View attachment 326748View attachment 326749

Please feel free to try this tactic, I think it will work with any team with the right players.

I let assistant manage match training, i do my team talks but nothing special there, Assistant does all match preparation.
Pitch size normal

Here is the tactic
View attachment 326753

Hope this works

Please feel free to let me know how its going