First transfer window On or Off??????


Oct 23, 2012
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The title says it all really....

Do you start you're games with the Summer Transfer Window On or Off?

I used to always start with them On, but a mate of mine introduced me to starting the game with them off.

Feel its a tad more realistic, starting with the squads the managers started the season with in real life, and tests you're skills as a manager more....Plus make's it a lot easier to realise which areas need strengthening when the January Window comes around. Also i can tend to buy just for the sake of it when i start with the Summer window on.

How do you guys start the game?
It's more realistic to start the game with it off.

Future FM games though should give the options of:

1) Start game with summer transfer.
2) Start game with only pre-summer transfers.
3) Start game with no transfers.

That way you are in the summer full of money to spend and can keep the players you didn't want to see leave and buy the players you think are the right choice.