Fixtures re-arranged for no reason?


Jun 5, 2010
Ok i've been having problems with this. Constantly throughout my season i'll realise on the saturday or so that my upcoming game for that day has just disappeared and been re-arranged weeks/months down the line. However it's not because of a fixture clash caused by cup competitions. I don't get a notification saying the game has been re-arranged, and as I said there is no clash on the day, nor the day or 2 after. It'll be like a game on saturday, and a champs league match on tuesday/wednesday and then randomly the league fixture disappears.

I remember on a barca save I had my el classico put back about 4 times with no explanation or clashes, so I ended up playing real madrid for the first time that season in march and then the return fixture only 2 weeks later.

It's getting quite frustrating, especially when an easy game is coming up that I need to build a bit of confidence, which suddenly gets re-arranged and instead i'm playing a top team next. Has anyone else had this problem?