Fleetwood 4th Year - Need advice


Oct 20, 2012
Okay let me preface this with a little history, I am American and never have really been a big football fan until recently. I read a Brian Phillips article on Grantland about his experience playing FM 09 and I was intrigued, I found his blog and read the story he made for his Pro Vercelli team and I decided I had to try this game out. I bought FM 12 and have been playing enthusiastically since. Unfortunately as I said earlier My experience with football is limited and even since my conversion the amount of games I am able to watch is very small. So most of my knowledge of football comes from youtube highlights, reading online, and primarily playing FM 12. I am in a Fleetwood town save and I have been quite successful thus far, however having reached the npower champions I am beginning to wonder if the tactics I am using thus far may be out of their depth. I feel a bit like a blind man wandering around in the dark, I may be doing well but I am not sure if it is just luck or not. Here are my current tactics, past league tables, match results from this year, and team report depth chart:View attachment 287171View attachment 287172View attachment 287173View attachment 287174View attachment 287175View attachment 287176View attachment 287177View attachment 287170View attachment 287178View attachment 287179View attachment 287180View attachment 287181
From my first season I felt I was weak on the outside at midfield so I went with a narrow tactic and after the first years stunning success (which included a 29 game unbeaten stretch) I decided to stick with the approach so as you can see I have basically abandoned the M(LR) positions and it would probably take a few years to turn this back around. Obviously my first three years were very good but this last year I felt like I may have been running into some real issues after the second half collapse (possibly I have just been promoted beyond the capacity of my players and need a year to build up more talent). I generally use the control variation and it has been largely effective, this year I knew I would need a more defensive tactic and so I created the counter tactic and have had mixed results. My problem is that both tactic are based on what I have read online and I have little firsthand knowledge, I am hoping someone could take a peek and see if there are any changes I should make or alternative tactics that employ a narrow approach that I should try out. Ideally I would just like advice on my current approach as using downloaded tactics just seems a bit unfair to me. Other than a few small tweaks I have left the PI's alone and I only use some of the basic shouts. So if you have some real football knowledge please enlighten this ignorant American, I am eager to learn!
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