Fletcher may miss rest of season

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Aug 23, 2006
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Man Utd and Scotland's Darren Fletcher may not play again this season after damaging ankle ligaments.

from a man utd point of view, brilliant lol, doesnt do anythin constructive lol, bt from a scottish point of view its a nitemare, as we now onli hav tht poofter and barry big-shot in midfield lol
aye, agreed, bad for Scotland, but as a Utd fan I'm not bothered in the slightest. I wonder if Smith will play in midfield at all when he returns as Scholes is also banned for three games :|
hope so, cos i dnt think richardson nd park r up 2 it 2bh, cn park recently and hes been murder imo, bt if thts inaccurate the i apologise lol
nah Parks been ok, but he'd be better on left/right with giggs in middle
yeh, probs, nt cn much o park just wot i have cn leaves a bit 2 b desired
stupid question for Mikey B and AJW - are u both from manchester?
lol, na bt supported them 4 as long as i can remember lol, followin the crowd i no, bt i wld say tht goin from rangers 2 hibs disproves i'm a glory hunter lol
Nah, I'm from Wrexham (who I also support). I've also supported United since i've been interested in football (which is since the 94 WC i think)..and then I think i started following the premiership (which means If i was a glory hunter I'd support Blackburn, or Newcastle (first half of 95) :p. Manchester is pretty close to home though, the only 'big clubs' slightly closer are Everton and Liverpool..duno why I didn't follow them. I'm in Manchester now though for uni, the only place i wanted to go.

Nice life story there for ya Blainey :)
So it would be fair 2 say most Man U fans do not live in mancs
I do live in Manc now though :D

I don't know if that's true, alot of people say that but it's probably inevitable given our success in the 90's/early 00's. It's not like I'm from London supportin them or owt...but you do get Cockney Utd fans which sometimes puzzles me when they know jack **** about the club
yeh. nd i dnt c wot rules i'm brakin concerin citys and english teams, i'm from edinburgh ffs lol
I just don't get it when people don't support their local team
i've gt a season ticket 4 hibs as well lol, and i concentrate on them, i'm hibs supporter and a man utd fan.
soz if thts confusin lol, bt basically i'm a hibs fan 1st and 4most
back on topic :)

Won't miss Fletch tbf he wasn't good at all against Reading, probably peeved Fergie off in that game. Getting quite a few injuries now though, Silvestre tonight, Evra, Fletch, Saha, Solskjear, Smith's only just coming back. *touch wood* Ronny doesn't get injured.