Flota Swinoujscie - Polish League - Looking for tactic


Aug 24, 2014
It’s my 5[SUP]th[/SUP] season in FM. I’m managing Flota Swinoujscie in Poland. I’ve promoted to Ekstraklasa with some kind of cheat. I was using save and load technique. This also happened in my previous season when I was 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] in League and lost in cup. So my first season – bad results, next seson SnL, promoted and bad results, next seson SnL. So now I want to know why I’m losing and I’ll now use SnL anymore.
My team (fixtures, training, main page): Club - Imgur

Tactics I used before:
Tactics in gallery: tactics - Imgur
TFM COUNTER-ATTACK: - doing well for some time
THE HL METHOD: - win only one match with this tactic

My key players:
Players stats in gallery: Players - Imgur
Leszczynski – good goalkeeper. I think I don’t need replacement for him
Conochioli – good wing back and complete wingback. But I think he should be faster
Stryczek – good central defender but have low decisions and passing. He is from my youth academy.
Szczepanski – good wing and playmaker. He has good pace, passing and crosses, but low finishing
Spiaczka – my first centre striker since first season. He is going well but missing a lot of 1v1 chances. Most valuable player.
Radojevic – second most valuable player. Defensive midfield. He is not so fast.
Rejdovian – wing. He has very low decisions.

Squad stats:
My squad has very low strength, tackle, headers, passing, positioning, creativity, pace, anticipation. We have only good jumping reach and goalkeeper.
Average stats in league: Legue stats - Imgur
My players attributes: Attributes - Imgur

What tactic should I use for this team? What players should I get rid of or sell? What I’m doing wrong? Is my training OK?