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Sep 18, 2005
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LONDON (8th June, 2006) – SEGA Europe Limited. is today proud to announce the next step in Sports Interactive's genre-defining Football Manager™ series. Packed full with more than 100 new features, Football Manager™ 2007 is set for release on PC, Mac and Intel Mac, as well as the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. Football Manager Handheld on Sony’s PlayStation Portable handheld entertainment system (PSP) completes the format line-up, with all platforms set for a Christmas 2006 release.

The Football Managerä team has taken the fans comments on board and have introduced a host of new features across all formats. Feedback specifically on the Xbox 360ä version resulted in the Sports Interactive team compiling a new user interface to allow players to have a joypad friendly experience whilst still retaining all the depth of the game. Football Manager Handheld also sees an upgrade with more playable leagues, more features and, for the very first time, network play allowing you to compete against your friends on your PSP.

“We are constantly striving for perfection and are on track to deliver our most authentic football experience yet”, commented Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive. “There will be a new, easy to use default skin, as well as improved hints and tips throughout the game. More in-depth feedback from your assistant manager and coaches, plus interaction with any player worldwide makes this an un-missable and very user friendly experience, and our best football game by a country mile.”

With all-new features, improved gameplay and a depth only seen from Sports Interactive, Football Manager™ 2007 and Football Manager Handheld offers a management simulation that is second to none. To whet the appetite of every Football fan, SEGA and Sports Interactive have unveiled just some of the new features available with more features for all platforms to be announced in the coming months.

Features for Football Manager™ 2007 PC/Mac/Intel Mac/Xbox 360™:

Feeder Clubs - Brand new to Football Managerä 2007, and one of the most requested features on Sports Interactive’s forums has been the addition of feeder clubs to the game. This new addition works in all the ways you would expect it to in real life. You can establish your club as the small team who receives loan players from a larger club or a large club looking for support getting your youngsters match experience by loaning them out. Have the first option on players from clubs, and schedule pre-arranged friendlies each season by simply asking your board for a feeder relationship and choose from the list they compile.

Youth Revamp - A complete revamp of youth teams sees full youth squads for each team that has a youth set-up, thus giving a much better system for the regeneration of players in the long term game.

User Friendly – Football Managerä 2007 gives players a new easier to use default skin, along with hints and tips throughout the game, and an improved tutorial. In addition to better feedback from your assistant manager and scouts as well as lots more media, customisation and multiple row selection, all this adds up to the most user friendly Sports Interactive game ever.

Scouting Revamp - A complete revamp of the scouting system inside the game leads to more information about players and teams being made available to managers, as well as a more realistic methodology for player scouting. This system allows scouts to grow and improve their knowledge-base of the world’s football players.

Player Interaction - You can now talk to any player in the world via the media. Player interaction allows you to tap up other teams stars or see if players will buckle under the pressure. An effective manager must use the media as a motivational tool - why not praise your own players in many different ways or shout at them for loss of form?

Team Talks - For more varied ways to talk to your team, SI have worked hard to deliver vastly improved team talks at half and full time. Not only this, but pre-match team talks will now be making their first appearance in Football Manager - so you can send your team out onto the pitch with a specific briefing.
Sounds Good, also good to hear them listening to the fans.

I like the Feeder Clubs idea.

Can't wait 4 it. :pleased:
hmm i dunno ill wait and see what it's liek first.
multiple row selection

That has to be the best new feature, how much easier would it be to select all your players at once and set them all to unavailable for transfer etc... :thup:
Sounds good, adding onto a winning formula is all they have to do and I like it :D
yeah that will make it easier

i hope you can offer people out for loan for 12months as its annoyin if i want to loan someone out for a full season and you offer him out to clubs and they all offer 6 months and you hav to go through negotiation them all to end of season, bit annoyin :p

screen shots look good
Did u d/load the screen shots Sam?
If so can u post them or something?

I tryed but due to exceptional website traffic it didn't let me.
I am not too keen on that skin (at the moment). Hopefully it will get tidied up a bit before the full release.
I dont mind it tbh could be better though as Sean says.
I atcually prefer the new skin, look sleeker & cooler IMO. :cool:
I like the Scout reports and the fact that you can do pre-match team talks :)

Not sure about being able to speak to any player or tap anyone up,but the way you can praise any player is good
Im releasing a load of staff then if that screen shot sean posted is true. Build my own backroom staff. Do You reckon the same apllies for players.

I like the sound of the game, especially pre-match team talks, and the feeder clubs. Looking Forward to it.

I like the idea you can ask the players for recomendations, and compare them to others in the media.
I really like the Feeder Club Idea, here you good hibs have a few loanies... and I'll be havoing your Scott Brown!!.
speaking of feeder clubs, any1 heard anything new on the chelsea-hibs link-up tht was in the papers a while bk
Aye, I read about that. Not heard anything new tho, last I heard they were just talking about it.
Mikey B said:
speaking of feeder clubs, any1 heard anything new on the chelsea-hibs link-up tht was in the papers a while bk

Yes it didn't work out, something to do with hibs only being able to loan just two players
I like the feeder clubs idea, too. By this way you may bye players for your team at lower price.
The scouting system is looking pretty sweet. I hope the feeder club works out well too, it's a nice idea.